How about we design a fleshed-out backend strategy based around the lifestyle you
want — deal? 

Strategic consulting for coaches & online educators who crave better systems, structure, and overall
better scenery for their business & lifestyle

A healthy dose of freebies, YouTube tutorials, and late-night Google searches have been your substitute systems strategist for the time being. 

Hey, I get it - that's where I started too!

So far it’s been fun watching Stripe notifications sing in your inbox. Maybe even hit those shiny revenue goals everyone keeps talking about (congrats, by the way!) that you thought would “magically fix everything.” Is it just me, or did you feel exactly the same before and after that happened?


Looks like your business is growing faster than you OR your systems can keep up with

Oh hey! Look at you, showing up with all of your brilliant awesomeness. I hope you don't mind me noticing. . .  but it

Most coaches & educators start to drown in pointless recurring tasks, chats with software support robot chats, and a workload that is too much to carry on their own — all while trying to serve their audience well.

All while trying to launch new offers. All while trying to serve their people the clients they already have. All while trying NOT to lose their freakin’ mind. 

And once you know which one to start working on. . . how do you even know where
to start? Or how?

One thing's for sure: something’s got to give. But…what? Seriously, there are so many *things* that need to change. Which one goes first? 

At this point in business . . .

Calendar Control 

How is it that other business owners have luxurious CEO Days and beautifully coordinated time blocking schedules when I barely have time to catch my breath? Vacation, where you at? 

Funnel Optimization

Yeah, I’ve heard of the whole “funnels” thing, email marketing, upsells/downsells, but it seems more like a buzzword than something I can actually implement in my business right now.

Marketing & Content Creation

Content creation is something that feels off the cuff and centered around when I’m most creative and have an idea. There’s a system for this!?

Client Experience 

Every time I serve a client or student through my current systems I’m suuuper involved, messaging back and forth for onboarding, invoicing, and nurturing leads. I can’t keep this up for long.

Going from 1:1 to 1:Many

I want to think about passive income to expand my business but alllll the systems and tech scare the heck out of me. How do I keep up with client deadlines on top of having a successful launch, on top of getting my product to them?  

Scaling a Digital Product or Program

I’ve already got some passive income set up but by the end of my launches I’m feeling seriously burnt out. Will launching always feel this manual and exhausting? 

Have one of these *things* been brought up in conversations with yourself? 


Like I said…SO MANY things to work on. And so many internal conversations, I’m sure. Good news is you don’t have to do any of it alone. 

Fun freebies and ecourses 

Workflow & Systems Audit

1:1 Strategic Consulting

Choose your own adventure -
biz operations edition

Join me on an adventure starting at $3800

A Custom Action Plan 100% based on your business goals 

Bi-Weekly Calls to work through the Action Plan with tangible homework items after every call to implement with ease

Telegram access between calls to ask questions and for further support 

Access to The CEO Hub self-paced course, sharing the foundations of time blocking, organizing your schedule, automation, systems, and more. 

Customizable Project Management templates in your desired tool (Trello or Click Up) to manage projects like launching, content creation, and goal-setting

Loom videos, PDF Packets, and other resources so you can become self-reliant and manage your systems without me 

By the end of the experience you will get:

This isn’t just some regular business coaching where I give general advice and leave you high and dry to figure out everything on your own. 

Over several months, we’ll discover the hiccups in your workflows that are literally eating up your precious CEO time. Then I’ll walk you through a custom Action Plan, along with accountability, to reach the goals that will get you closer to creating the business you actually want. 

4-month strategic consulting with me as a dedicated partner, helping you streamline your business operations in a way which will propel your growth with waaaay more white space left on your calendar. 

The Expedition

adventure one


Join me on an adventure starting at $750

A 2 hour call to audit workflow

Detailed notes from the call so you can easily implement recommendations

30 day Telegram Access for Accountability and questions while you implement

By the end of the experience you will get:

Ahhh the feeling of transforming digital chaos into harmony is so relaxing. Or is that just me? Let’s just say, I have a great eye for digging into every nook and cranny over the several platforms you use so that you can complete your daily tasks in half the amount of effort. 

I’ll make expert recommendations that feel good to your business with tools I know you’d be the most comfortable with. After making all the changes you might even enjoy hanging out in your tech stack. Who knew! 

For when you’ve band-aided, Google-searched, and free templated as much as humanly possible and need a second set of eyes to get your systems back on track. 

The Day Tour

adventure two

workflow & systems audit

I always say if you don’t know what you want, I can’t help you. So the first order of business is getting clear on the business you truly freakin’ want — whether it’s a $1M empire or giving you just enough income to take three months off and travel around the world. Then we’ll set tangible goals for either the next quarter, six months, or overall year. 

Where are we headed?
You lead the way!


This is what our travels together could look like 

Now we take your dream list and turn it into a jam-packed Action Plan that is 100% based on the business you want — not a carbon copy of someone else’s. We’ll work through my proprietary TZIKAS framework and identify how your Time Management, Organization, Client Experience, Benchmarks, Automation, and Systems can be optimized to reach your goals. 

Creating the Action Plan
to get us there


You and I are about to get real comfortable. Our bi-weekly calls are focused on chipping away at your Action Plan one step at a time. After every call, I’ll give you tactical action items for you to start making progress right away. Lean launch plans, systems optimization, hiring team members — again, whatever your goals are during our time together, we’ll be relentlessly focused on getting them done.

We make the plan,
we work the plan


What’s the point of walking you through all these changes in your business if you can’t maintain them? And the last thing I want to do is leave you fumbling around in your CRM after we wrap things up. Even if you want to outsource in the future, I believe every entrepreneur should understand their software. So the most important part of our time together is training you on how to use all your tools so you’re set up for success long-term. 

Time to pass the baton


We DID it! We finally made it through our consulting and crushed some serious goals. At this point, most of my clients are inspired to keep the momentum going. Totally up to you, but whether you decide to renew our time together or we go our separate ways, I’ll always be in your corner cheering you on and having your back. 

You’re just getting started


As much as you love your business, I’m sure manually adding students to your program, understanding the foreign language called your tech stack, or chasing failed credit card payments wasn’t exactly what you had in mind when you signed up to be a coach or online educator. 

That doesn’t have to be your reality. At least, not if you’ve got a travel/business buddy to pave the path…far away from all that crazy. 

 I’m excited to help you build a business free from the obsession with your screen so you can finally know what freedom feels like. And let me tell ya, it feels really good. 

Hi, I'm Tricia!

When I’m not working, you’ll find me disconnecting from my phone and the internet literally EVERY chance I get

Jena, Senior Studio Success 

Going into a brand new launch of a brand new product as a brand new business coach, I knew I needed help with managing it all. Tricia listened intently, asked all the right questions, and was excited about the project. I knew we would be the perfect fit to work together!

Tricia is always prompt and is very detail-oriented. I love that she can see the big picture and handle the smallest details as well. Tricia is a go-getter and I am thrilled to have her on my team! I highly recommend her!

“I'm so glad we started our journey together and have now been through several successful launches.”

kind words


Tricia is a wonderful, thoughtful coach that got me through those difficult stages of creating a business. She is full of knowledge, tech-savvy, organized, and will keep you accountable. I'm extremely grateful for my time with Tricia and would highly recommend her.

"I decided to work with Tricia because I was ready to start this new chapter in my life."

kind words


On a celebratory note, I hit my highest month of Q1 ever last month! so that was exciting! 

Highest quarter one ever!

kind words


Tricia is a Canva wiz and helped me clean up my account and organize it in a way that makes managing it so much easier! She also explained time blocking in a way that FINALLY makes sense so I can utilize it in my business and personal planning. Game changer!

"Tricia is a CANVA WIZ!"

kind words

Ready to set your business destination and hit the road?

The trip will be beyond memorable because with every step, we’re one closer to a business you’re obsessed with.