AKA the productivity master, tech whiz, systems strategist, capacity expert, client experience concierge in your back pocket — here to help your business take flight

Meet your savvy online business consultant

Since starting my own business in 2011 there's always been a common thread: I thrive most when I'm solving problems.

My corporate accounting firm experience of running project management for 30+ clients has taught me to always leave things more streamlined than how I found them. 

And today, I help coaches and online educators design businesses they actually enjoy through laser-focused high-level consulting around systems, workflows, and automation. 

You know how some people are great at seeing the big picture? While others obsess over details? I’m one of those rare people who can do both. 

And when looking for an Online Business Consultant & Systems Expert — that’s exactly what you want. 

Hi, I'm Tricia!

Crazy organized Enneagram 1, tech nerd hooked on traveling across New England, and the ride-or-die biz buddy you soon can’t live without

As a coach and educator, teaching your clients and students how to change their lives is your jam. It’s what you love to do and it lights up your soul.

What isn’t your jam? All the systems, software, team management, and taming of your chaotic schedule that come with it. 

And if you let it go by the wayside for too long, it can leave you drained, overworked, and resenting the business that was supposed to give you joy and freedom in the first place. 

Want someone to walk beside you?

Sometimes it can feel like you're a tired traveler on this journey called entrepreneurship 


I'm here to be your secret systems sidekick guiding you on how to pull everything together on the backend

The cool thing about owning your own business is that YOU make the ground rules for what success looks like

Setting the destination is the hardest part. It takes a heck of a lot of clarity with what you want — it’s one of those easier said than done type deals.

But once you know where you’re headed, what’s left is creating the roadmap (systems, tech, team members, launch plans, other nitty-gritty-structure stuff) to get there. 

How do you create this so-called strategic road map? Well, that’s my job — and I’m really good at it. 

So the journey is full of reward and wide-eyed wonder

Fully understanding time blocking and making it stick

Celebrating lean 6-figure launches in e-courses and passive income

Setting up systems, automation, and tech needed to free up their schedule 

Accomplishing more in less time to be with family and travel the world

Taking onboarding from 4 hours down to 20 minutes per client

Building a 6+ figure business and hiring a team of three to support


systems, organization, and taming your tech aren't even the best part of my job

“Making more” isn’t always what everyone wants. I really want you to create a business that gives you purpose and fuels you to live a life of adventure. 

Time and location freedom mean more than any money can buy

Vacations are seriously productive

You can create the business you want, when you want, and how you want it 

There’s never a one-size-fits-all approach to systems or strategies

I hate the word can’t — because there’s nothing you can’t do

You don’t need a fancy team, fancy tools, or fancy anything to run a successful business. I believe you have full permission to grow your way. Here are some values I challenge myself and my clients to live by: 

I’m most pumped about executing the brilliant ideas in your brain you didn’t think were possible

my business values

Photography, but once I realized I enjoyed creating client workflows more than editing galleries, I knew I’d found my jam

My first business turned hobby


Iced coffee. Or anything with caffeine really

 Go-to beverage



Exploring restaurants, hiking trails, and landmarks all over New England, then playing tourist in my home state of Maine

My idea of a good time 


I love my friends and family HARD. There’s nothing more important in life than your people

The people closest to me


Jena, Senior Studio Success 

Going into a brand new launch of a brand new product as a brand new business coach, I knew I needed help with managing it all. Tricia listened intently, asked all the right questions, and was excited about the project. I knew we would be the perfect fit to work together!

Tricia is always prompt and is very detail-oriented. I love that she can see the big picture and handle the smallest details as well. Tricia is a go-getter and I am thrilled to have her on my team! I highly recommend her!

“I'm so glad we started our journey together and have now been through several successful launches.”

kind words


Tricia is a wonderful, thoughtful coach that got me through those difficult stages of creating a business. She is full of knowledge, tech-savvy, organized, and will keep you accountable. I'm extremely grateful for my time with Tricia and would highly recommend her.

"I decided to work with Tricia because I was ready to start this new chapter in my life."

kind words


On a celebratory note, I hit my highest month of Q1 ever last month! so that was exciting! 

Highest quarter one ever!

kind words


Tricia is a Canva wiz and helped me clean up my account and organize it in a way that makes managing it so much easier! She also explained time blocking in a way that FINALLY makes sense so I can utilize it in my business and personal planning. Game changer!

"Tricia is a CANVA WIZ!"

kind words

Take this as your sign to put yourself first, get the support you need, and reimagine what your business could look like